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Benefits of a Real Estate Assistant


The Basics

  • Real Estate Transaction Services. We take on all the details of listing and closing transactions. We will schedule the inspections, take care of paperwork, load items to broker systems, marketing, and many more tasks related to a successful sale! We can even send out listing paperwork and contract offers at your direction, saving you time for the direct contact with your clients, negotiations and following up with potential buyers or sellers. The hours spent on the miscellaneous tasks can add up fast. For example, emails related to a transaction can add up to an average 5 hours of work over the life of the file. With StreamLine, you don’t have to think about the time involved. It’s as easy as a flat fee. No W-2’s, no 1099’s, no paid benefits, no training hours, and time saved!
  • Overwhelmed and disorganized? Bring work flow and organization back into your days! We provide a free phone consultation to evaluate what services best meet your needs and how you can maximize your space and time. When you let StreamLine take care of the details, you free up time allowing you to reorganize and focus on systems that build your business.
  • Spend less time on files and more time with clients. Give your clients the attention you and they always wanted! At StreamLine we assist you in creating an environment of service and excellence. Existing and previous clients become your best source of new and repeat business! Talk to us about the best ways to keep in touch and keep them working for you.
  • We make the recommendations, but you control your business and style! Use our free consultation to discuss your goals and the vision you have for your business. We are here to help you fulfill that vision.
  • Excellence in Service: We provide a higher level of service and contact with your clients. Our driving attitude is “What more can we do to help?” This creates client loyalty to you, the agent, repeat clients and more referrals.
  • Resources: Whether it is information for your buyer or seller such as “What to Expect”, marketing packages, service providers for real estate related services and even feedback on current trends in lending and title services – StreamLine is here to provide you knowledgeable support!


  • Confidentiality! StreamLine President, Jenny Carlson, signs a confidentiality agreement when you place an order with us. In addition, our entire team signs non-compete and confidentiality agreements before they begin to work with StreamLine.
  • Your marketing materials, letters and business creations stay yours! While we have many templates to choose from, we recognize you’ve worked hard on your marketing materials already. Just send us your templates for flyers, postcards, etc., and you get to keep the look clients are accustomed to and love. Though StreamLine can’t control what others may see and copy in the market place, we won’t use your template for any of our agents. It’s yours and it stays that way! That’s our guarantee to you!


  • Increase production, while lessening your work load! When you use a transaction coordinator, you can let go of the busy work and details that take up your days and keep you from focusing on your clients and new leads. More time with clients + the ability to focus specifically on their needs = more closed transactions and more revenue!
  • The price for StreamLine’s services is usually less than the cost of paying an assistant hourly to do the same work! Because of our systems, processes and volume, StreamLine is able to complete work quickly. Ever have that trouble file that seems to take untold hours of your time and your assistant’s time? Pay StreamLine the same amount no matter what arises throughout the transaction.
  • Already have an assistant?  Free up his/her time for business generating tasks. Many agents we talk to have assistants that don’t even have time to prospect for them! Free up his or her time to make more calls and focus on building your business. Call us for a consultation on finding the right balance that saves you money and makes you money at the same time!
  • No membership fee
  • Pay at closing! For closing transaction services, we get paid when you get paid. It’s that simple! In cases of termination we do charge a Cancelation Fee.
  • No hidden fees! Charges are provided up front on our website and in our materials. We don’t hide what we charge like many sites and services do. Call us for any special projects. We’ll give you the bottom line price before beginning the work!
  • Payment options include: Mastercard, Visa, or check.


  • We are just a phone call away! No need to go online and fill out order forms, just give us a call (or send an email).
  • Toll Free Fax! You and your clients can fax us toll free for document delivery when it is more convenient to do so.
  • Need to handle details while on the road? Call your Client Care Coordinator and let him or her do it for you.

StreamLine or an Assistant?

  • Your StreamLine Client Care Coordinator becomes a part of your team! This enhances your professional image, provides the support without the daily expense of a full or part-time assistant and allows you the freedom to delegate. Example: You want an “assistant” to contact your Buyer prior to writing a contract to get information, introduce themselves or positively affect the Buyer’s image of you. When you do business with StreamLine we don’t hesitate to make that call, even if we don’t have the transaction file yet!
  • On-call assistance! Call us when you have the business instead of trying to pay yourself and an assistant when business is slow.
  • No Assistant Training. Don’t spend all those hours to train a new assistant. Or worse yet, not having the time to train your assistant, so you end up paying a premium for less productivity. When you have no time to train, it makes it almost impossible to become a well-synced team. Our team already knows the job and programs you use, as well as protocol and excellent customer service.
  • Processes in Place!  We have tried and true plans, processes and materials in place already. These things are usually provided by the agent to a new assistant.  Click the link to see just one of items we've developed to enhance your professional image:  Selling Your Home - What To Expect

StreamLine vs. "Other Options"

  • It’s easy! Ever go to a virtual assistant website and can’t figure out what exactly they offer or how to get it? Explore our site, it’s all right there! It’s easy to get started!
  • We believe in specialization. Instead of trying to be an expert in everything and therefore compromising the end result, StreamLine specializes in specific areas and uses other trusted experts for the rest. We research and work closely with our outsource providers, tell you up front who they are, and maximize the discounts they give us by passing them on to you.
  • Our company is built on integrity and work ethic. Not only do we work for you, but we provide you with excellence in service and product, paying attention to details others might let slide.