Transaction Services


Real Estate Transaction Services

We provide real estate transaction services designed to remove the mundane paperwork and time consuming details from your work load, while enhancing your professional image.   

A listing or closing transaction can have from around 64 to 80 tasks each, depending upon agent preferences and customized plan. This doesn't include any miscellaneous items that come up during the transaction (as they always do).  When managed with EXCELLENCE and highest level of service to your  clients, a transaction can easily take 40, plus hours of attention.  A well managed transaction can have 65 to 150 emails through completion. Averaging 3 minutes per email that can be 3.25 hours to 7.5 hours just in email time!

Our processes and procedures allow us to provide a higher level of service in less hours.  

StreamLine's focus on excellence, integrity and expertise in caring for your clients and our attention to detail, help ensure a smooth closing and happy clients! Use Streamline to provide a level of service to your clients that will have them singing your praises. Increase your potential for referrals and repeat clients! 

Contract to Close

Sample of services (not all inclusive) provided under the Closing Plan are:

  • Send Buyer welcome letter
  • Communicate with all parties and ensure all paperwork is delivered to the appropriate party
  • Set up contingency calendar reminders
  • Contact Buyer regarding necessary inspections, etc.
  • Coordinate delivery of earnest money and option fee/due diligence, and receipts.
  • Order home warranty (if applicable)
  • Assist in obtaining the HOA docs
  • Schedule and order:
    • Home Inspection
    • Pest Inspection
    • Survey and Survey Affidavit
    • Title
    • Septic Inspection
    • Well Inspection
    • Any Miscellaneous Inspections (mold, lead based paint, etc.)
  • Confirm and follow up on:
    • Appraisal
    • Conditional Approval
    • Clear to Close
    • Insurance Binder - includes counseling client re: process & payment of first year
  • Check in with lender on a regular basis to obtain mortgage commitment/conditional approval, documents, approved HUD, appraisal, etc.
  • Work as a team with Lender, Title, Escrow, Homeowners Association, Insurance and Inspection companies to coordinate all paperwork and complete all outstanding paperwork needed to close the transaction
  • Assist with any issues related to closing that come up throughout the transaction
  • Send "prior to closing" letter with directions and final details to Buyers
  • Review the CD/Settlement Statement for potential errors prior to closing (please note this is still the responsibility of the agent and lender to give final approval).
  • Coordinate keys, manuals, and basic home information exchange
  • Send utility set up reminder and set up with Utility Concierge
  • Upload all required paperwork to broker systems (i.e. Back Agent, Paperless Pipeline)
  • Submit CDA request based upon broker requirements
  • Schedule closing and walk-through

$325 - Due at closing

Minimal cancellation fee. Additional discounts may be given at company discretion. Ask for details.

Paperwork Preparation for Buyer Representation - $30 additional

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Listing to Close/Expire

Sample services (not all inclusive) provided under Listing Plan are: (includes working the file through closing, expiration or cancellation)

  • Create flyer from SL templates, online or personal template*
  • Create postcards*
  • Create brochures*
  • Uploaded all broker required paperwork to broker system (i.e. Back Agent, Paperless Pipeline)
  • Work with seller to obtain any outstanding paperwork such as completed Seller's Disclosure, existing survey or marketing materials
  • Write Ads based upon MLS description
  • Enter listing and photos into mls system. Agent to provide data and description.
  • Set up showing service instructions*
  • Submit listing and/or announcements to broker systems such as Leadstreet, Back Agent, etc.
  • Submit advertisements as requested
  • Submit listing to any applicable agent websites (Craig's List, Right Move, etc.)
  • Submit additional photos to MLS
  • Submit/enhance listing on agent's personal website
  • Place order for sign and installation
  • Place order for photos and virtual tour
  • Showing service submission and setup
  • Order Seller home warranty
  • Send introduction letter to Seller
  • Enter Broker Tour and Open House events into applicable websites
  • Enhance listing on
  • Price Change: Follow up on signed change form, submit to agent's office, change on various websites (Craig's List, agent website, etc.), update flyer and update of existing e-flyer (if applicable), send email to agent's that have shown property through showing service
  • Miscellaneous tasks and issues that arise through-out the transaction

Closing services once listing is under contract: (No Additional Charge as our Thank You)

  • Set up contingency calendar reminders
  • Order Home Warranty (if applicable)
  • Follow up to receive:
  • Coordinate receipt of earnest money and option fee
  • Mortgage pre-approval/commitment
  • Appraisal Status
  • Clear to Close
  • Final CD/Settlement Statement
  • Schedule closing time/date with Seller & agent
  • Upload required docs to broker system.
  • Upload docs to agent system if separate from broker system.

$389 a listing. 

$300 maximum cancellation fee. Additional credits may be given at company discretion.

If home does not go under contract within 3 months, $300 will be due and payable, with remaining $89 to be collected at closing.

Paperwork Preparation for Listing and Pre-Listing - $30 additional

 *The cost of marketing materials, print products, advertisements, or miscellaneous services are the financial responsibility of the agent. StreamLine may act on your behalf to order, but does not accept financial liability for agent opted materials and services.

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Lease Services

  • Lease Listing Side - $150
    • Input into MLS (agent provide description/data)
    • Input into Broker System
    • Set Up Showing Service
    • Initiate Smart Move or other tenant background management system used by agent. *We do not do background checks directly, or verification of employment or rental history.
    • Create Lease paperwork based upon agent direct instruction.
    • Send paperwork for signatures
    • Final processing for disbursement
  • Lease Tenant Side - $100
    • Input into Broker System
    • Assist in obtaining any missing paperwork
    • W-9 and related items to listing agent as needed
    • Coordinate keys
    • Send any paperwork/lease for signature at agent direction.
    • Final processing for disbursement
    • Follow up on receiving payment

$75 cancellation fee.  Additional discounts can be given at company discretion.

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3 Hr. C.E. Course - Is It Time For An Assistant

In this course we cover:

Why do you need an assistant or transaction coordinator?

Things to consider

Are you ready for an assistant?

Types of assistants / transaction coordinator

How to choose what kind of assistant you need

What can an assistant do and not do?

What you need to do to prepare for an assistant

Who makes the best assistant?

Tools for hiring the right person

How much will an assistant really cost?

How to minimize assistant turnover

Benefits of a virtual real estate assistant

Keys to successfully using an assistant

We can bring this class to your brokerage (minimum 10 attendees). Contact us for more information.

The provider for this course is Capital Title who has teamed with StreamLine Agents to bring this valuable information to Texas agents.

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Agent Branded Buyer/Seller Brochures

Agents who use our transaction service will be provided with branded brochures to heighten buyer and seller experience of the process and enhance the real estate agent's professional image.

Enjoy reviewing an example: Click Here.