Marketing FAQ

What’s the benefit of using this system?

   We’ve found that the main reason agents rarely use consistent marketing, is that they don’t have the tie to sit down and create, update, manage and mail their marketing campaigns. Our marketing systems make it easy for you to market effectively, and enhance your professional image, without having to handle of the work that entails.    

Another benefit is that long-term and consistent marketing to recipients increases in effectiveness over time.   

Why did StreamLine create these specific marketing plans?   

Through extensive research and 13 years of real-world experience, we’ve discovered the most effective marketing strategies for real estate agents. We’re passionate about seeing our agents succeed, and want to enable our clients to become more successful. We’ve implemented those strategies into easy to use marketing plans.   Our marketing plans range from highly effective, long-term, monthly mailings (useful for neighborhood farming, or encouraging repeat and referral business from previous clients) to e-marketing campaigns paired with a few choice mailings for those with limited budgets.   

 What plans are offered?  

We offer pre-designed Jumbo sized (8.5 x 5.5) marketing postcards and monthly e-newsletters.  

  1. Neighborhood farming of 300 or more recipients monthly. 
  2. A-List/Sphere of Influence of 50 or more recipients. 
    1. Monthly mailings. 
    2. e-Newsletter and monthly mailings. 
    3. e-Newsletter and quarterly mailings. 
    4. e-Newsletter and 6/yr. mailings. 
  3. Monthly e-Newsletter to any number of recipients.   

How does it work?   

a. Send us your database in Excel format.  We will update your database when you send us new additions by email. Must be a minimum of 50 contacts for the Sphere of Influence mailings and no maximum.  


b. We will assist you in choosing a farming area.  Only one agent using our service may market the area you choose. A minimum of 300 contacts is required.  If a neighborhood does not have 300 properties, you may add another one until the minimum number is reached. There is no maximum number of contacts. 

     Every month, we will send a Jumbo (8.5x5.5) postcard the first week of the month. These will include postcards with home improvement tips, inspirational quotes, recipes, etc.  The back of each postcard will contain your photo, logo and contact information. Along with custom created content telling recipients a little about you and giving them a call to action – such as offering a CMA or referrals.  Once created the back of the postcard will be the same each month.   

We will automatically charge your credit card about 2 weeks prior to the mailing. You will receive a copy of the mailing along with your contacts.   

When will the postcards go out each month?   

Postcards will be sent during the first week of each month.   

When will the e-newsletter go out each month?   

The e-newsletter will go out the first week of each month.   

How can I maximize the marketing dollars I’m spending with StreamLine?   


Farming:  It is important to commit to at least one year of monthly farming (to at least 300 recipients) for effectiveness. The rule of thumb is to expect an average of one listing for the first full year of farming. However, the results can be affected by the listing cycle of the neighborhood(s) you choose. Some (rare) neighborhoods are “hot” most of the time and there is a regular turn-over. Others go through what we call the “bell curve”. This is a multi-year cycle of one listing here or there within the neighborhood, becoming a cluster of listings and then back to a smattering of listings. It will be important to know the market cycle of the neighborhood to maximize your return potential. We will discuss this with you further during your free consultation.   

Retention/Referral:  If you are marketing to your past clients, this should be a long-term and monthly endeavor. We offer 3 different plans to meet your marketing budget. A monthly mailing for 12 months, monthly e-newsletter with 4 print mailings in 12 months, and monthly e-newsletter with 6 print mailings in 12 months. You may also choose just to do the e-newsletter. However, we have found that the online contact alone is not as effective.   If you choose one of our e-newsletter plans, they are most effective when you contact each client and verbally let them know that they will be receiving the newsletter monthly. Let them know it will contain interesting tips for home improvement, but also items such as movies coming out that month, trivia, and other articles that relate to every-day life.  This creates more interest and more “opens” in addition to lowering the rate of “spam clicks”.   

Finally, to maximize the campaign, CALL your past clients now and then. Check in with them, see how their family is doing, comment/like posts on their Facebook page. There is no substitute for personal and direct contact.  

 Can another agent market to the same neighborhood I am?   

No. StreamLine will not facilitate marketing with another agent in a neighborhood / group that has been reserved. While another agent may choose another marketing company to target the same area, StreamLine will not offer duplicate services in the same area.   

Will I receive a copy of what goes out each month?   

Yes. You will receive a copy of each 8.5 x 5.5 (Jumbo) postcard and/or e-newsletter right along with your clients.   

How do I decide what neighborhood to pick for farming?   

Know your target market. First time buyer, investors, builder homes, luxury, vacation properties, downtown, relo. Millennials, generation x’ers, baby boomers. You may at some point handle all of these during your career. However, successful agents market to their preferred target market and work in the areas and with the demographic group they love. When they do the other transactions will come. It’s important to decide the purpose of your marketing program before beginning.   For instance, if you prefer to work with first time buyers, the farming plan would not be the best option to target that market. The A-List/Sphere of Influence is always a good choice for keeping in touch with past clients.   

Can I customize the e-newsletter?   

Partially. Each month if you would like to provide an article or notice in the e-newsletter, we must have it by the 25th of the preceding month. While we will give what you send us a quick review, responsibility for accuracy, grammar, and punctuation will be yours. You may also designate one of your listings (if any) to be featured. We will add this to the newsletter.   

Can I customize the postcards?  

When you sign up for the marketing plan with StreamLine, we will work with you to design the back of your postcard. This will include your branding and contact information, and will stay consistent through all mailings. If at any time you want to change or update the back of your postcard, we will charge a $30 redesign fee.   

Why do you set a minimum number of recipients?   

This plays back into our desire to provide our clients with an effective product. Over the years, we have seen agents succeed or fail depending on their marketing campaigns. The minimum number of recipients ensures making an effective impact, and avoids wasteful spending that could be utilized in a more successful way.   

Do you maintain my database?  

 No need to send us a fully updated list each month. We will take care of that for you! We automatically maintain the database for agents who use our transaction coordination services. If you do not use these services, or need to add a contact who is not party to a transaction, simply email us the contact information and we will update this information to your database.  Please Note: The initial mailing and/or email database will need to be sent to us in excel format.    

Why do first class on the first mailing (Applies to A-List/Sphere of Influence Plans)?   

First Class mailing includes return to sender postage, which will ensure that any clients who no longer reside at the address you have on file for them will be returned to you. This gives you an opportunity to contact each client for their new address, or have us remove them from your database. Scan or send us a list of the returns and we will update your database accordingly. This is one aspect of maximizing your marketing dollars and minimizing waste.   

Who creates the postcards that go out?   

StreamLine creates the designs that go out monthly.  The designs are specifically created to impact most/all members of the household at various points throughout the year.    

How does billing work?   

Once you have decided on a marketing plan, we will provide you with an agreement to follow that plan for one year. We will automatically charge your credit card monthly, 2 weeks in advance of each mailing. The mailing cost is based upon the number of recipients, so there are no surprise fees! Your monthly cost will only increase as you add recipients to your mailings.   

What if I want to cancel?   

While we do have you sign a one-year agreement, we also understand that things can change. We strongly discourage cancellation within the first year, as it dramatically decreases the effectiveness of the previous (or if resumed later - any future) mailings. However, if you provide us with a one-month notice, we will discontinue your marketing plan.    If your account is cancelled, and you decide to begin marketing again, a new agreement will need to be signed, a new set-up fee will be charged, and your billing plan will be charged quarterly as opposed to monthly.   

What is the cost?   

e-Newsletter (plus tax): a) Up to 500 contacts - $45 a month b) Up to 2500 contacts - $75 a month   

Postcard Mailings (plus tax): $0.98 per contact/recipient*   

Set-Up Fee: $50   *There is no additional fee/charge for mailing the first month with First Class postage (applies to A-List/Sphere of Influence mailings only).   

Why do you charge a one-time setup fee?   

We work with a team of design professionals who work diligently to make sure that your image is produced and presented professionally for each mail out sent. The setup fee ensures that we can continue providing a high-quality product for you and your clients.    

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