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Being in the industry for so many years and doing hundreds of transactions every year has given Jenny Carlson, President of StreamLine Agents, Inc. an in-depth knowledge of contracts, terms, and the systems to create them.  This service is perfect for the new Texas real estate agent, or the busy real estate agent.

Common Issues:

  • Unsure which forms to use.  This is common for new agents. It is the nature of being new and resolves easily with experience and frequency of business.
  • Unclear meaning of all contract terms and sections.  This also comes with experience.  Survey, title, Third Party Financing Addendum, and association documents all contain clauses that cause the most common confusion.
  • Unsure of best strategy for initial offer. Do you ask for a home warranty? Who provides survey? Who pays for title? Do you input their preferred title or yours?
  • Incomplete forms with blanks or incorrect information.  It is common to miss a provision that needs to be filled in. Most common are the review days, contribution, seller disclosure, and survey. Many times Paragraph 22 is missed as well. All spaces should be filled in even if it's $0 or N/A.
  • Not comfortable with setting a document up for signatures.  There are so many details and so much to learn as a real estate agent. The learning process never ends. Part of that are the document and e-signature programs.
  • The busy real estate agent doesn't have time to put it all together and needs to get it out quickly.

For Texas Agents We Offer:

  • Guidance and coaching on preparation of contract to meet the buyer's objectives. 
  • Assistance with creating the promulgated documents.
  • Feedback and advice on any additional addendums or disclosures needed. 
  • Review to make sure all items on contract paperwork have been completed with nothing missed.  
  • Available during their negotiations to get to the final executed contract.


$50 flat fee.Charged to your Mastercard or Visa at time of initial consultation.

We are the Ace up your sleeve

We are the Ace up your sleeve!


Jenny Carlson is a licensed real estate agent in Texas. Transaction services offered by StreamLine Agents, Inc. are separate and do not include any services that require a license, or that would be considered to be a licensed activity. Contract coaching is provided only to Texas state licensed individuals.


Texas law requires all license holders to provide the Information About Brokerage Services form to prospective clients.


Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice  

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